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Victoria Grill peri peri chicken

Douglas, 8 Victoria Street
Cuisine Style: Peri Peri, Burgers, Chips
Price: Under £5.00
Opening Times:
Sun 17:00–21:30
Mon 17:00–22:30
Tue 17:00–22:30
Wed 17:00–22:30
Thu 17:00–22:30
Fri 17:00–22:30
Sat 17:00–22:30
Please Allow: 45 min.
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7 4 1
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Delivery cost: £1.00 (£15.00+ orders)
more...Peri Peri Chicken brings you tasty food full of flavour, a delicious blend of Portugal and South Asia with hints of the Middle East, something to suit all tastes and appetites. Healthy and appetising does not usually go hand in hand however only the best cuts of meat are used and Peri Peri meats are cooked with less than 1 per cent of oil!

All meats are marinated in Peri Peri sauce for at least 24 hours ensuring that the flavours are completely absorbed, it's steamed where the meat looses any extra fat it may have, then it is placed in a special 'cooking cupboard' where it is slowly cooked to preserve the succulent texture and flavours for 4 to 5 hours. Finally you can have it grilled to suit your less